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Slow growth in your business? (it’s not your marketing strategy)

Is your marketing strategy bringing in the number of clients and income you desire?  Or are you constantly investing in another coach or program, looking for the ONE that will make your business as profitable as you want? 

Before investing ANY more money, take a good look at these common reasons your business is experiencing slow growth… it has NOTHING to do with your marketing strategy!

Frustrated because you should be landing more clients than you are

I see how much time, money, and effort you’ve put into growing your business. All the late hours and the little tasks that take too long. 

At the end of the day, when you look at what you were able to accomplish, you feel discouraged because you didn’t check off all items on your to-do list. 

As you’re closing up your business late Friday afternoon, an overwhelming sense of frustration comes over you, because it’s another week that you should have been landing more clients than you did.

Resigned to the idea that slow growth in business is normal

You look around and see that other businesses have had great success in a short amount of time. 

But when you look at the slow growth in your own business, you struggle trying to trust in God’s sovereignty, yet at the same time, you head into the weekend beating yourself up for not doing enough or being smart enough. Or having it all together. 

You’ve chalked it up to “it just takes time to build a business” and you’re continuing to grow, just slowly. 

You spend too much time late at night when everyone else is sleeping, (and you know you should be too)  scrolling social media or Pinterest, even though you know it doesn’t bring life to your heart because you’re searching for the ONE coach or program or advice that will help you experience faster business growth. 

All the while praying desperately, Jesus fix this, show me how to serve more clients, help me figure this out. 


Before you invest in another marketing strategy or coach, do this if you want it to be effective

In working with many women like you, I’ve seen the biggest cause for slow growth in your business IS NOT that you haven’t found THE PERFECT MARKETING STRATEGY.

What other things could be causing slower growth than expected?

Usually, it’s doubt or skepticism that you’re holding about your business, your own abilities or you’re lacking truth + trust that your business can really look different.  

You’re moving past them slowly, but know there is definitely some mindset stuff preventing faster growth in your business

Self-doubt that your clients can get the transformation you promise

You feel like there’s a gap between where you are (and where you’ve been) and where your clients are. If you could just figure out how to fill in that gap a little better, you would serve them better than you are currently. 

Not that your clients are not getting a transformation, they are. The Lord is providing for that! But is it possible, you’ve just felt that was missing since day 1 and you could help them progress more quickly by filling in that gap?

Lack courage to promote

Your self-doubt in getting your clients the transformation they desire— basically holds you back from promoting how you can help and getting sales calls booked. 

If you think you’re not able to get the full transformation for your clients as fast as they desire, you’ll find every other task far more important than promoting. 

You don’t want to be found out as a fraud, experience rejection, or worse disappoint the clients who actually buy! 

Another way a lack of courage to promote shows up is when you’re not sure what to say to connect with your ideal client and get them to take action. 

You also don’t feel like you have enough time to market or you were shamed by your parents every time you asked for something.

Fear of not being relatable

Another common cause for slow business growth is that you have a fear of not being relatable. 

Maybe because you haven’t had the exact same experiences or struggles as your clients have had, you question if they will be able to relate to you and if they will trust you enough to work with you. 

You think your life is boring. 

I get it. Mr. Awesome and I are such homebodies with a quiet daily life, not a lot of exciting things happening with all the daily tasks I do in my business. 

Our weekends are full of family get-togethers, working on the house, and catching up on laundry. I’ve felt many times that our lives are boring. 

But everyone is nosy and likes to see that you’re doing the same things they are doing.

Belief you can’t make it as an entrepreneur without a stable income

Maybe you grew up hearing from your parents that it was better to have a stable job and income. You always need insurance benefits. 

Your parents or your spouse have constantly belittled your business and told you that you’ll never make it as an entrepreneur. 

Then there’s the pressure, you have to earn 3x more to bring home the income you desire because you have to pay for taxes and your business expenses

What if something happens to you and you’re not able to run your business anymore, you’ll fail your family. 

But you fail to realize that if you were working a 9-5 job and something really serious happened to you that you would eventually lose that source of income as well.

Can’t invest in anything else until you get more clients

You’re slowly overcoming these blocks, but you need more clients to keep becoming more confident, and the lack of confidence prevents you from getting more clients. 

You have the scrappy DIY mentality that makes it hard to spend any money on your business because you’re afraid of losing the money and doubt that you have the ability to make the money back. 

This mentality is a scarcity mindset, one that makes you feel like you have to do all this on your own, grasping to make your business successful but doubting that you ever will be successful.

Nothing financially ever works out for you, so you feel like you’re not worthy of having money

Finally, you believe that nothing financially ever works out for you, so you feel like you’re not worthy of having money. 

You’ve heard messages your whole life that you don’t deserve anything good and you shouldn’t make or have a lot of money, especially as a Christian woman. 

Could you be feeling skeptical because your need for trust is not being met with your experience with money and business, do I have that correct?

Could you be feeling doubtful and you really need some Biblical truth about how business will work in your world and doesn’t work in your world? Is that correct? 

And that’s why you feel like nothing ever works out for you financially in your business. 

Most women struggle with truth and trust regarding money in their business because they feel so much doubt and skepticism that it’s going to be different in the next 30 days and the next 60 days and the next quarter than the next year.

Your marketing strategy isn’t the problem

As you can see, your marketing strategy isn’t really the problem that is causing your business growth to be slow, it’s the doubts and skepticism, and fears that you have that is causing the slow growth. 

If you don’t address these doubts first, no matter what marketing strategy or coach you invest in, they will come up and limit the effectiveness of your investment to see your business grow quickly.

A Free Resource To Help You Overcome These Doubts And Gain Confidence In Your Business, Starting TODAY!

The best way I’ve found to overcome these doubts quickly is to apply Biblical truth about business and money

I believe the single greatest asset in business is a Biblical money mindset if you want lasting peace with money, complete confidence in your business, and to be equipped to serve multitudes of grateful clients and create a massive legacy that reflects God’s goodness through business. 

Nothing else that I’ve tried, all books I’ve read, courses + training I’ve taken, other money mindset work is as effective in creating complete peace and confidence within your business in a way that lasts. 

I’ve seen this kind of powerful transformation happen countless times, almost instantly, both for me and for the women who’ve applied this framework to their money story! 

Can you imagine discovering God’s key to money and business? 

To unlock all those chains of fear + doubt in your mind and open the door to creating a massive legacy that God has created for you to leave? 

If your business growth is slower than you like and you recognize that your marketing strategy isn’t the problem.

It’s those doubts in your mind around your business, your own ability to provide transformation, and being skeptical that you’ll even be able to be as profitable as you in your business. 

I’ve put together a simple PDF with 13 Bible verses that help you make peace with money and sales. 

These are verses that have given other women like you 100% confidence in their business, in just a few weeks.

Even though they struggled with these same doubts for decades, they now had confidence in their higher pricing, their offer, and the transformation their customers get. 

Now on page 5 of the 13 Bible Verses To Transform Your Money Story worksheet, you’ll learn the key to having complete confidence and feeling worthy to have money.

I’m going to bet you’ve never heard this truth stated this way before, but so many women have said that this one Biblical truth really speaks to them and has given them so much peace about their finances. 

Pay close attention to number 9, Michelle (one of my students) started incorporating this simple Biblical principle and went from turning away all payments to confidently charging $1500 in a matter of 3 weeks… and she didn’t even feel scammy doing it!  Her new clients were so thrilled to work with her and even told her that she should charge more! 

You can get this free worksheet right now at https://www.multiplyyourlegacy.com/13verses and use the verses to gain more confidence in your business starting today! 

You don’t have to change your marketing strategy to see an increase in confidence, clients, and revenue in your business, when you apply Biblical truth to get past the doubts and skepticism. 

Get the 13 Bible Verses to Transform Your Money Story and begin to unlock all those chains of fear + doubt in your mind and open the door to 100% confidence in your business at https://multiplyyourlegacy.com/13verses  

You’re going to LOVE your newfound confidence in business and your marketing strategy instantly has become more effective.

Ready To Know God's Key To Money?

Discover the ‘Missing Piece’ from other money mindset work, the Powerful Benefit of Scripture Based Money Mindset Coaching so that you can understand God’s key to money, make peace with money and get powerful mindset breakthroughs quickly that will allow you to get rid of all the old money fear, shame or guilt that you’ve struggled with for decades. 

What this means is you will have the step-by-step Holy-Spirit led support to guide you in making 3% shifts in your beliefs about money, wealth and business so that you begin to multiply your legacy and impact in ways that reflect God’s goodness and generosity within a couple of weeks! 

You deserve to have a massive legacy that impacts multitudes and reflects God’s generosity, and if you’re tired of struggling with the old money fear, shame and guilt or being crushed under the weight of other people’s judgment + criticism about you, your business, and the way you manage money.

Becoming a Legacy Builder Method is designed with encouraging, supportive and authentic coaching that empowers you with proven Biblical tools and strategies so that you can overcome every obstacle and immediately implement what you learn into shifting your mindset. 

When you’re ready to shorten the time it takes to shift your money beliefs, there are a couple ways I can serve you. 

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Becoming a Legacy Builder Method is designed with encouraging, supportive and authentic coaching that empower you with proven Biblical tools and strategies so that you can overcome every obstacle and immediately implement what you learn into shifting your mindset. 

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Charissa Quade

I equip Ambitious Christian Female Entrepreneurs to create prosperous lives, serve multitudes of grateful clients and create a massive legacy that reflects God's goodness, all by partnering with the Word of God and shifting their money beliefs.

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I equip Ambitious Christian Female Entrepreneurs to create prosperous lives, serve multitudes of grateful clients and create a massive legacy that reflects God’s goodness, all by partnering with the Word of God and shifting their money beliefs. 

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