1 Quick tip to embracing abundance in your business even if you don’t feel worthy

Want to have your programs and services sell out within a couple of hours and so much revenue in your business you feel like you’re swimming in money?

But most importantly, do you want to be able to receive all this abundance with the excitement of a three-year old opening up a mound of birthday presents?

If you’ve ever felt unworthy as a Christian woman to receive abundance in your business, you’re not alone.

I’m going to share one quick tip to help you knock down unworthiness like a pesky fly and receive abundance with grace.

Faith-Driven Business Growth: How to Propel Forward as a Christian Woman Entrepreneur

What no one tells you is that as a Christian woman business owner you will come up against some pretty significant challenges very few others will face.

We’ll expose these challenges, why no one tells you about them (and why it’s blocking your business growth) and how if you fix one thing, it will propel your business growth forward.

Unveiling the Truth: Prosperity Gospel vs. The Bible – Empowering Christian Women Entrepreneurs

No more playing small, Christian female business owners! If you’re sick and tired of being fed false promises from the prosperity gospel, brace yourself as we lay out some key principles of the prosperity gospel next to Biblical truth.

If you ever found yourself held back by negative beliefs surrounding wealth and success…

The kind of beliefs that make you feel guilty or fearful of pursuing financial abundance because you don’t want anything to do with a prosperity gospel, then this is the video for you!

The Legacy of Impact: Building a Flourishing Business with Generosity

Do you have problems with building a flourishing business + a legacy of impact and generosity? Well I’ve found the perfect solution.
You’re definitely not the problem and once you identify the problem, follow a simple framework… which I’ll walk you through in today’s video.

It’s super easy to get past the barriers keeping you from creating that legacy of impact through a flourishing business.

Battle of the Beliefs: Biblical Mindset vs Manifesting Money

What’s the difference between a Biblical money mindset and manifesting money?

So many Christian female entrepreneurs don’t want to have anything to do with manifesting money… but they aren’t entirely sure what the Bible says about this.

I know you want to have a Biblical foundation for your money and that’s really important to you.

So in today’s video, I want to put manifesting money and what the Bible says about money side by side.

I’ll show you the differences between them and a couple surprising things I’ve discovered in the Word of God about manifesting money.

3 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Improve Your Money Mindset As A Business Owner

Don’t improve your money mindset as a business owner!

This might be controversial but I’m going to share 3 reasons why you shouldn’t invest in getting past money blocks you have in business.

Hey it’s Charissa Quade and here we use Scripture to shift your thoughts about money, wealth and business into creating a legacy of impact + generosity.

The Greatest Asset Every Profitable Faith-fueled Business Owner Needs

Are you ready to fully step into your God-given purpose and use your business as a vehicle for massive impact and generosity?

Then there’s one asset you absolutely need in your business.

It’s not real estate, and you won’t believe the huge return on your investment that will show up in every area of your business and your life!

The #1 Best Way To Get Rid Of The Fear Of Failure In Business

Is the fear of failure crippling you and you want to get past the anxiety it causes like yesterday? This video is for you

Do you feel like you’re disappointing God because you’re not stepping fully into your calling?

Or you’re disappointing your family because you’re not bringing home as much money as you had said you would by this time in your business?

Or are you terrified because what if it doesn’t work and you’ve wasted all your time and money you invested in business when maybe you could have done something better?

Whatever it is, we’ve all struggled with the fear of failure.

Stop Feeling like a Fraud as a Christian Entrepreneur and Overcome Imposter Syndrome

Now if you struggle with imposter syndrome in your business and not feeling good enough, no matter how much you accomplish or how much clients appreciate you, this episode is for you.

This question comes from Cassie who writes in and says,

“I don’t have much money and cannot seem to make much in my business. I have doubt, overwhelm, and imposter syndrome, definitely feelings of not good enough. My finances are increasingly worse and I feel guilt as I’ve invested in things I probably shouldn’t have, so I’m going round in circles. Any tips?”

Oh sweet friend, absolutely! This is a great question! You’re not alone, so many of us female entrepreneurs struggle with the same feelings of not being good enough, imposter syndrome and being a fraud.

Slow growth in your business? (it’s not your marketing strategy)

Is your marketing strategy bringing in the amount of clients and income you desire? Or are you constantly investing in another coach or program, looking for the ONE that will make your business as profitable as you want?
Before investing ANY more money,take a good look at these common reasons your business is experiencing slow growth… it has NOTHING to do with your marketing strategy!

Game-Changing Lesson About Marketing From Jesus (Never Think Marketing Is Sleazy Again!)

Instead of feeling like marketing your business is uncomfortable and even sleazy, what if it is possible to market your business from a heart of service and love? Today I’m going to walk you through a marketing lesson I learned directly from Jesus in Matthew 9.

You’ll never look at marketing the same again after this video and you will begin to see those who need your services in the same way that Jesus sees them.

6 Important Questions to Create An Authentic Marketing Strategy As a Christian Entrepreneur

How to find a marketing strategy that feels authentic to you, I know this sounds crazy, but you can be a marketer that brings incredible value in a way that aligns with your faith and your desire to serve others, without being spammy or having to spend all your time on the computer.

There are 6 important questions you need to ask yourself to find an authentic marketing strategy that is sustainable for your business and lifestyle, while building a deep connection with your customers.

2 Ways To Build Your Business Quickly Even If You Struggle With Social Media

Here are two ways to build your business quickly even if you struggle on social media. Having a solid social media strategy and consistent presence online to build your own audience IS important, but it needs to be a part of the long-term marketing plan. The goal of building your business is to get your […]

You Need 2 Tools To Shift Your Money Beliefs


When it comes to talking about overcoming those money beliefs you’ve been struggling with for decades Friend, I wish I could sit across from you here at my kitchen table and tell you face to face,  You are NOT the problem.  There IS hope that you can be set free from these negative money beliefs.  […]