A Biblical Money Mindset is The greatest Asset in your business

Together, we'll create an asset that will give you complete confidence and peace around money, which will allow you to partner with God + His word in business to make the world a better place.









Your legacy matters

Our Mission Is To Gather a community of 100,000 Ambitious Christian Female Entrepreneurs who collectively Serve 1 Billion People And Generate $10 Billion In Legacy Generosity   By December 31st, 2032

Our heart is to see women, just like you, develop your single greatest asset in your business, a Biblical Money Mindset

So you can finally break free from those limiting money beliefs that have held you captive for decades. 

Then you can double sales yearly until you are able to serve all the multitudes you’re called to and create the massive legacy that reflects God’s goodness.

Since 2015, we have directly empowered over 2,230 women, getting to the roots of their money stories and using the Word of God to shift these beliefs.  


Have you grown up Believing That Making Money Is Bad, Wealth Is Evil, And Sales Are Slimy?

Filled with shame + guilt for making a lot of money when others don’t have enough? 

Questioning if it’s even ok to want to be wealthy as a Christian woman… or are you making money into an idol? 

Does your mind feel like a constant battlefield with fears, doubts and confusion around money? 

Let’s find out what the Bible REALLY says about money, wealth and business…. so you can get rid of the fear, Doubt + confusion FOR GOOD!

All around the country, including international virtual events, I’ve empowered Ambitions Christian Female Entrepreneurs just like you.


They all want to be more confident in their business, serve multitudes of grateful clients, and create a massive legacy that honors God.


The difference between those who flourish and those who keep hitting a wall in business, beating themselves up with negative self-criticism…


is that the ones who flourish know how to get to the root of their limiting beliefs about money, wealth, and business so they can make powerful 3% shifts to develop a Biblical Money Mindset, the greatest asset in their business. 

A Biblical money Mindset IS YOUR greatest Asset for A Thriving business and a massive legacy that reflects God's Goodness

One of the simplest and easiest methods to transform your money story and improve every area of your business

Faith-Fueled Abundance: Elevate Your Money Mindset in Business with 13 Powerful Bible Verses

Experience a revolutionary shift in your relationship with money and business.as you immerse yourself in the wisdom of 13 life-changing Bible verses, specially chosen to accelerate your business growth by making peace with money and sales.

Cultivate a resilient money mindset rooted in faith and unlock the way for a prosperous and fulfilling business built on Biblical principles. 

Embrace a profitable faith that aligns your values with success, so you can use your business to create a massive legacy of impact and generosity.

Does any of this sound

We're here to help you partner with God + His Word to make the world a better place through your business

Without Money Becoming An Idol

Money Mindset Breakthrough Intensive

Together we’ll identify your top 1-2 limiting money beliefs and use the Word of God to BREAK THEIR HOLD… in 90 minutes!

Becoming a Legacy Builder Group Coaching

The #1 money mindset coaching program that equips you with the single greatest asset in your business, a Biblical Money Mindset so you can develop total confidence and peace with money. 

*Most Popular Choice

VIP 1:1 Money Mindset Coaching

This option is for you if you get faster results when a coach gets to know you personally. With your trusted coach and Scripture based money mindset coaching, we’ll go deep and overcome the limiting money beliefs that have held you captive for decades!

Join the community over on youtube!

Raise your hand if you think YouTube should be more than just ‘funny’ animal videos? Yeah, me too.

With Biblical insights on money, wealth and business, along with simple actionable steps to make the world a better place by serving multitudes and create a massive legacy 

the Multiply Your Legacy channel has earned it’s spot as “binge-worthy” watching for Ambitious Christian Female Entrepreneurs like you.

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Here's how easy it is to Tap Into The Power Of Scripture To Transform Money Blocks into Flourishing Business Success + Legacy of Impact and Generosity


Choose the Scripture-Based Money Mindset Coaching or Program that most suits your needs. 


You can sign up for any of our services right on our website. You shouldn’t have to struggle alone a day longer.


Finally, feel the flow of God’s blessing for you and with money, as you transition from doubt and fear around money,  to confidently building a flourishing business and legacy of impact and generosity. 

And there are multiple ways for you to work with us!

Multiply Your Legacy is ready to serve you! Check out our most requested services below.

What's my investment?

How much are limiting beliefs about money, wealth and business costing you? How many potential customers are praying desperately for the solution only you can provide? 

How many fears + doubts make it a battlefield in your mind every day? What kind of harmful money mindsets are you passing down to your children? 

 How many decades have you been struggling to get past these money blocks on your own? 

How much regret can you live with knowing you didn’t fully use your God-given gifts, didn’t serve the multitudes you were called to serve, and didn’t leave the massive legacy you desired?

Not having a Biblical Money Mindset may already be costing you a great deal.


“Investing in Your Program is the best money I've Ever Spent.”

Michelle Debenport​


Becoming a Legacy Builder Digital Course + Live Coaching - (most popular)

The #1 Scripture-based Money Mindset Coaching Program for ambitious Christian female entrepreneurs that equips you to create complete confidence with money and in your business so that you can serve multitudes with excellence, and leave a legacy of generosity that reflects God’s goodness!

  • Finally, make peace with money as you understand God’s key to money
  • Scripture-filled coaching where you experience the power and presence of God to redeem your money mindset
  • Strategies to help you create a massive legacy of generosity that reflects God’s goodness to all around!

Discover the ‘Missing Piece’ from other money mindset work as you work along a top coach during your 12 week course. Your coach will equip you with Biblical tools and strategies so that you can overcome every obstacle and immediately implement what you learn into transforming your money story.


Business Financial Abundance + Legacy Building Strategy Session

Your Business Financial Abundance Strategy is the #1 tool to manage your wealth as a wise steward. 

This 1-on-1 strategy session will empower you and give you a step by step guide to a custom Business Financial Abundance Strategy, that makes it easy to track the financial health of your business. 

We’ll make sure your strategy is doable as well as equip you with expert techniques on how to manage your cash flow, even if it’s irregular. 

Here’s what you’ll take away

  • Learn how to accurately forecast how much revenue you need to generate in your business
  • The stress-free secret to confidently managing an irregular cash flow. 
  • Know with clarity how to allocate every payment that comes in, so you can pay expenses, pay off business debt, and bring home more money to your family. 
  • How to overcome the fear of looking at your financial numbers (this is a huge fear  many entrepreneurs have!) 
  • Begin building a massive legacy from day 1 that reflects God’s goodness. 

This Intensive includes a custom Business Financial Abundance Plan, a Legacy Building Strategy and one 30 minute follow up call.

I commit to providing a safe, judgement-free space and will guide you every step of the way.  

You shouldn’t have to avoid looking at the financial health of your business a single day longer. Get BREAKTHROUGH in just 60 minutes!

Investment is $997.   

Limited Availability. 


Money Mindset Breakthrough Acceleration Intensive

Have a mindset block around money, wealth or business and need it gone like yesterday? 

In this 90 minute 1:1 intensive, we’ll work together to 

  • Identify the top 1-2 limiting money beliefs that are keeping you stuck and hitting that revenue wall RIGHT NOW in your business!
  • Get to the root of these beliefs + finally connect the dots! 
  • Use prayer and the Word of God to BREAK THE HOLD these limiting beliefs have had on you for decades!
  • Equip you with PROVEN SCRIPTURE-BASED STRATEGIES to overcome any other limiting money mindsets that come up. 

This Intensive includes a Biblical Mindset Power Playlist, Custom Scripture Money Affirmations and one 30 minute follow up call.

In this intensive, we will partner with the Holy Spirit, use prayer and the Word of God to get you the breakthrough you desire. I commit to providing a safe, supportive space and will guide you every step of the way.  

You shouldn’t have to take months or years to breakthrough your limiting money beliefs. Get BREAKTHROUGH in just 90 minutes!

Investment is $997.   

Limited Availability. 


VIP 1:1 VIP Money Mindset Coaching

This is for you if you like 1:1 coaching better, because you get faster results when a coach gets to know you personally.

Inside VIP Money Mindset Coaching with Charissa, you and Charissa will go through her signature Becoming a Legacy Builder curriculum together, which will be customized to your needs and situation

There will be plenty of time to work through any of your personal money mindset blocks with your trusted guide who will equip you to get powerful breakthroughs every time with Scripture-based strategies. Strategies that you can use for the rest of your life!

What this means is that you will make peace with money, find more fulfillment and passion in your business, and create a massive legacy of impact + generosity that reflects God’s goodness… in 3 months or less! 

Starting at $35,000


Mindset System ($491 Value)

The Mindset System is a simple 4-Step process based on Biblical principles, that will help you shift your money beliefs just 3% and get incredible breakthroughs quickly. 

Now you can have peace and confidence with money! 

I’ve taken my proven 3% Money Shift Framework and some of the best teachings about what the Bible says on money out of my signature program Becoming a Legacy Builder Method ($14,491 value)

and put them all together inside The Mindset System ($491 value) 

Now you’ll have the exact tools you need to get the powerful money breakthroughs you’ve been praying for!


Women are Raving About our Method

Free PDF of 13 Bible Verses To Transform Your Money Story Guide

13 Bible Verses that will have a huge impact on shifting your money story so you can know God’s heart for money and have increased confidence in business!

oh, hey there,

I know how hard it is to struggle with fear + doubt around money.

Through her transformative Biblical money mindset coaching program (Becoming a Legacy Builder), a supportive Facebook community and an active YouTube channel, Charissa inspires an empowered, joyful sense of “Total confidence in my business!”  for over 12,000 Ambitious Christian Female Entrepreneurs.

She proves that with 3% mindset shifts, even the entrepreneurs who’ve struggled for decades, can overcome battlefield in their minds, and instead generate an excitement to partner with God in business, serve multitudes of clients and create a massive legacy! 

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Together We'll Create A Powerful Asset That Will Allow You To...




Bring GREAT glory to God, putting Him on display and draw others to know Him as you do all of this!