1 Quick tip to embracing abundance in your business even if you don’t feel worthy

Want to have your programs and services sell out within a couple of hours and so much revenue in your business you feel like you’re swimming in money?

But most importantly, do you want to be able to receive all this abundance with the excitement of a three-year old opening up a mound of birthday presents?

If you’ve ever felt unworthy as a Christian woman to receive abundance in your business, you’re not alone.

I’m going to share one quick tip to help you knock down unworthiness like a pesky fly and receive abundance with grace.

The Easiest Way to Shift Your Mindset Around Money and Abundance as a Christian Female Entrepreneur

Want to shift your money mindset out of scarcity and into abundance quickly?

But want to do it in a way that is based on Biblical truth?

Then you’re in the right place!

I’m going to show you the easiest way that you can shift your mindset around money and abundance without any woo woo manifesting.

This is a powerful and highly effective method, it works almost instantly, but so many Christian female entrepreneurs don’t know about it.

The Legacy of Impact: Building a Flourishing Business with Generosity

Do you have problems with building a flourishing business + a legacy of impact and generosity? Well I’ve found the perfect solution.
You’re definitely not the problem and once you identify the problem, follow a simple framework… which I’ll walk you through in today’s video.

It’s super easy to get past the barriers keeping you from creating that legacy of impact through a flourishing business.

Battle of the Beliefs: Biblical Mindset vs Manifesting Money

What’s the difference between a Biblical money mindset and manifesting money?

So many Christian female entrepreneurs don’t want to have anything to do with manifesting money… but they aren’t entirely sure what the Bible says about this.

I know you want to have a Biblical foundation for your money and that’s really important to you.

So in today’s video, I want to put manifesting money and what the Bible says about money side by side.

I’ll show you the differences between them and a couple surprising things I’ve discovered in the Word of God about manifesting money.

The #1 Best Way To Get Rid Of The Fear Of Failure In Business

Is the fear of failure crippling you and you want to get past the anxiety it causes like yesterday? This video is for you

Do you feel like you’re disappointing God because you’re not stepping fully into your calling?

Or you’re disappointing your family because you’re not bringing home as much money as you had said you would by this time in your business?

Or are you terrified because what if it doesn’t work and you’ve wasted all your time and money you invested in business when maybe you could have done something better?

Whatever it is, we’ve all struggled with the fear of failure.

Stop Feeling like a Fraud as a Christian Entrepreneur and Overcome Imposter Syndrome

Now if you struggle with imposter syndrome in your business and not feeling good enough, no matter how much you accomplish or how much clients appreciate you, this episode is for you.

This question comes from Cassie who writes in and says,

“I don’t have much money and cannot seem to make much in my business. I have doubt, overwhelm, and imposter syndrome, definitely feelings of not good enough. My finances are increasingly worse and I feel guilt as I’ve invested in things I probably shouldn’t have, so I’m going round in circles. Any tips?”

Oh sweet friend, absolutely! This is a great question! You’re not alone, so many of us female entrepreneurs struggle with the same feelings of not being good enough, imposter syndrome and being a fraud.

Slow growth in your business? (it’s not your marketing strategy)

Is your marketing strategy bringing in the amount of clients and income you desire? Or are you constantly investing in another coach or program, looking for the ONE that will make your business as profitable as you want?
Before investing ANY more money,take a good look at these common reasons your business is experiencing slow growth… it has NOTHING to do with your marketing strategy!

4 Biggest business mistakes Christian Female Entrepreneurs make costing thousands

If you want a profitable and impactful business that allows you to create a massive legacy, you need to stop the scrappy DIY mentality, putting off making peace with money, being cheap with your marketing and constantly selling something new.

These 4 mistakes are costing you thousands and are stifling your impact!

If you want a profitable and impactful business that allows you to create a massive legacy that reflects God’s goodness, you do not need to do everything on your own and hope something finally works!

#1 Reason Christian Women Struggle with Becoming Wealthy (not what you think)

Do you feel like there’s something buried inside telling that you SHOULDN’T make “too much” money… and you don’t even know what that number is?

95% of the women I coach, being judged by family and friends for becoming wealthy is the #1 money fear that is keeping them from going all out in their business with the calling from God to impact multitudes and being extravagantly generous.

In this video, I’ll share some common messages we hear about wealth from our parents and the Christian community as a whole.

Even Doctors Struggle With Money Issues

Even doctors struggle with charging higher rates and money issues!

Is it just me, or do you think that when women become successful, they don’t struggle with money issues?

This couldn’t be further from the truth!

In this video I’ll share the money issues Dr. Brooke was struggling with when she first reached out to me and what I noticed.

My Best Advice: Create Confidence With Money

I’ll share the best way I’ve found to ditch all the fear and anxiety about money, which made me both confident with money and gave me a peace that passes all understanding.

I also want to give you a simple worksheet that will help you have more peace about money as well.

What is God’s Purpose For Business

What is God’s purpose for business? Are all business owners greedy and just in it for the money? Being the only woman in my circle of friends who owned my own business, I constantly wondered if being in business was a calling from God? Should I even be in the marketplace as a Christian woman? Or was my place strictly at home.

2 Reasons You Hate Looking At Business Finances

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Mistakes That Could Cost You $60k+

What would you do if you paid $60k to get help with your  money beliefs and you ended up still struggling with the same issues, worse off than before?  I’m going to walk you through some of the common mistakes that happen when Christian Female Entrepreneurs are trying to make peace with money so that […]

How To Choose a Money Mindset Coach Without Compromising Your Faith

Picking the right money mindset coach can be challenging for good reason, but it doesn’t have to be.   I’ve heard far too many awful experiences that women have had with money mindset coaches.   In this video, I wanted to give you 10 clear guidelines to guide you in choosing the right money mindset […]

You Need 2 Tools To Shift Your Money Beliefs


When it comes to talking about overcoming those money beliefs you’ve been struggling with for decades Friend, I wish I could sit across from you here at my kitchen table and tell you face to face,  You are NOT the problem.  There IS hope that you can be set free from these negative money beliefs.  […]

The Time Money Made Me Panic

  From panicking about money to making peace with money, I’m pulling back the curtain on my own experience with what I thought about money.  Over the last 12 years, I’ve come a long way with how I think about money.  There was only one place that felt safe enough to go to for help […]

Quickly Stop a Negative Thought Pattern


Let me tell you about something that happened to me recently which gave me a powerful tool to stop negative thoughts.  Plus I’ll give you 4 tips to help you quickly use this tool in your daily life.  Most female entrepreneurs have negative thought patterns. Watch to see a powerful tool to stop negative mindsets in […]

God’s Key to Money


Want more money but there’s a tension of how much is too much?  You’re not alone. In today’s video, I’ll share some of my own struggles with money fear + shame and how I got past them to discover God’s key to money.  I’ll share the three things you need to transform your own money […]