The Legacy of Impact: Building a Flourishing Business with Generosity

Do you have problems with building a flourishing business + a legacy of impact and generosity? Well I’ve found the perfect solution.
You’re definitely not the problem and once you identify the problem, follow a simple framework… which I’ll walk you through in today’s video.

It’s super easy to get past the barriers keeping you from creating that legacy of impact through a flourishing business.

Things Need To Change

I came this close to quitting my mission last week.

Right now it feels impossible and I don’t know how I’m going to get there.

What is my mission? Why do I feel like quitting? What is keeping me going?

7 Ways To Honor God With Your Wealth

This is for the Christian business woman whose greatest desire is to honor God with her wealth and not feel guilty for being blessed when others aren’t.

5 powerful business trends women need to be ready for in 2023

Did you know that 849 new women-owned businesses are started every day? That’s 309,885 new businesses that will be created in 2023 alone!  I’ve got some interesting business trends to share with you and then I’ll give you my top 5 predictions women of faith in business need to pay attention to in 2023. […]

Want to model a healthy Biblical money mindset to your kids? 

If you want to model a healthy, Biblical view of money to your children, so they don’t have to struggle in their relationship with money like you did, here are 3 things you need to know first #1 Your kids are picking up your beliefs about money Your kids are picking up your beliefs […]

More Money Equals More Impact


Know you NEED more money to make MORE IMPACT?  Yet, are you struggling with feeling unworthy or guilty for being so blessed? Today I’m diving into why you’re not making the impact you desire and if it’s even ok for you, as a Christian woman, to make a lot of money. So many Christian women, […]

4 Day Live Workshop Sept 11-14 2023

What if you could Leverage Biblical Truth To Overcome Money Blocks in Your Business?

Join us for the Pillars of Plenty: 4 Steps To Build a Flourishing Business On Biblical Principles For Massive Impact And Generosity

Tap into the POWER OF SCRIPTURE to overcome money blocks and translate Biblical truth into FLOURISHING BUSINESS SUCCESS that creates a LEGACY OF IMPACT AND GENEROSITY!

It will be a GAME-CHANGER for your business!