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6 Important Questions to Create An Authentic Marketing Strategy As a Christian Entrepreneur

How to find a marketing strategy that feels authentic to you?

I know this sounds crazy, but you can be a marketer that brings incredible value in a way that aligns with your faith and your desire to serve others, without being spammy or having to spend all your time on the computer.

There are 6 important questions you need to ask yourself to find an authentic marketing strategy that is sustainable for your business and lifestyle, while building a deep connection with your customers.

I’ll take you through an example of how to apply these questions in your business and tell you the two categories of marketing strategies you must have if you want a profitable, sustainable business that impacts a lot of people.

I heard Grant Cardone say “If you want to make a big impact, the more visible you need to be.” 

Marketing is how you become visible and make a big impact with your business.

Taking a few minutes to answer these questions will help you discover an authentic marketing strategy that you can feel confident in. 

1. What comes up when you think about marketing?

  • Are you bothering people? Do you worry about people judging you when you share about your business? 
  • Are you afraid of being slimy and spammy? 
  • Is marketing something you have to do and feels like a chore? 
  • Has someone made snide comments about marketing around you?

2. Why does most marketing feel inauthentic to you?

  • Do you see other marketers do high pressure or untruthful marketing strategies and you don’t want to look like that? 
  • Does marketing feel inauthentic because you aren’t very good at that strategy and you haven’t practiced it enough to gain mastery? 
  • Are you just doing what some coach told you to do because that’s what’s gotten them success, but it feels forced or drains the life out of you? 
  • Don’t know what to say?

3. What holds you back from marketing?

  • Are you struggling with imposter syndrome? Do you question the value of your service or product? 
  • Don’t know what to say that will get the results you want? 
  • Are you afraid of what people will say or how they will judge you? 
  • Afraid of rejection or even afraid of success? 

For me, there’s been a couple reasons that have held me back from marketing.

Feeling like I was a little spammy, that people would think I am only in this business for the money.

The second reason was that I was doing everything on my own for a long time and didn’t have everything together.

I didn’t want to spend any money on marketing because I was worried that I wouldn’t make the money back.

By the way, if you’d like to print out a simple worksheet with these questions so you can really work through them.

It wasn’t until I began to dive deep into why I thought this way about marketing and applied Scriptures to my beliefs about marketing, that I became excited to share.

When we market, we reflect Jesus as He had a message and an offer that would benefit a certain group of people, those who would believe in Him, and He went out to where these people were to tell them about His offer.

Marketing is an answer to prayer because it’s going up to someone that you see is struggling and telling them that you have a solution so they don’t have to deal with that problem any more.

When you have an authentic marketing plan and you commit 100% to it, you will become an answer to desperate prayers your clients are praying right now.

Many of my clients, just like Theresa, tell me that I’m an answer to prayer.

It’s important to deal with the mindsets and beliefs you have around marketing first because this is the real reason you struggle in marketing your business consistently.

This is exactly how I love to serve my clients inside Becoming a Legacy Builder and show them how to use Scripture to shift their beliefs about marketing into feeling authentic and confident!

Now this next set of questions will help you figure out what type of marketing fits your style and personality.

4. What type of marketing do you enjoy and best matches your personality, your business and your season of life?

There’s marketing strategies galore! Reels, Ads, Challenges, TikTok, Pinterest, Facebook Posts, YouTube, Speaking, Email, Facebook Group, Networking, Clubhouse, DM Conversations… just to name a few. 

I’ve invested thousands of dollars into learning a bunch of different marketing strategies over the years and finally realized that I enjoy + and am really good at video and speaking so I’m leaning into those. 

For me, two methods cover speaking on other people’s stages: doing YouTube videos, creating Shorts/Reels, and running masterclasses or challenges. 

Since I have a lot going on right now with running two businesses, and lots of family commitments, in this season, I need to create some automated marketing systems that are serving my clients all the time without needing me to be online 24/7.

5. What do you need to have in place for this marketing strategy to be consistent and sustainable?

Do you need someone to guide you in figuring out what is the BEST marketing strategy you should do in your business?

That’s actually something I offer and would love to help you come up with an authentic marketing plan that aligns with your faith, your personality and your business.

Maybe you need additional training.

How can you commit to one strategy and continue to improve at it until you master it?

In my own business, for years marketing was my weakest link.

There were a lot of harmful beliefs that were holding me back from marketing.

I was worried about the cost of marketing, instead of seeing marketing as an investment that would allow me to serve more clients.

I tried MANY different methods and I did my best to be consistent, but it wasn’t until I took the Make More Offers Challenge with Myron Golden that I realized Marketing was simply a system that I had to put in the reps and improve until I can create mastery in marketing.

In 2023, I’ve committed to improving marketing daily until I can have mastery where it comes effortlessly and I get the results I desire.

Right now, what I need is additional help to help me be more consistent on social media while streamlining my process, which I’ve hired.

I need to have my marketing be more automated and I also need to finish setting up my campaign to get on other people’s stages more effectively.

I need to commit to marketing every day, improving just a little more from the day before, because there are women praying desperately for the service I provide.

6. How can you be excited about sharing what God has done for you and how others will benefit?

This is the best part about marketing is the transformation you bring!

First, God enabled you to overcome a struggle in your life and now He’s given you a passion to help others overcome this same struggle through your business.

When you are marketing the solution and transformation you bring, you are being a vessel for a small part of bringing the Kingdom of God into this world through restoration.

Two types of marketing you need to be profitable

I’m not going to tell you what marketing strategy you should do, although, if you’d like to have me brainstorm an authentic marketing plan with you, I’d love to do that.

But I will tell you that there are two TYPES of marketing you need.

The first type is that you need an External marketing strategy to bring the exact people into your world who need your services.

The second type is you need an Internal marketing strategy. An internal marketing strategy is building a relationship through email or conversations. This is where these people who need your services will get to know, like and trust you, and will become clients.

I love email for an internal marketing strategy! What do you like?

As you take the time to answer these six questions, this exercise will guide you into creating an authentic marketing plan that you can feel confident and joyful about.

When you implement this new authentic marketing plan into your business and commit to improving it each day, you will see more clients come in which brings in more revenue so you can have a greater impact!

Imagine with me that you have an authentic marketing strategy that brings in consistent new email subscribers and consistent sales…how would that impact your business and your money?

It’s possible, and probably easier than you think, to have an authentic marketing strategy that fills you with joy, confidence and allows you to answer prayers, but if the other 4 essential pillars in business are broken then your authentic marketing strategy still won’t bring you the impact and revenue you desire.

Create mastery in the other 4 pillars of business, watch this video next.

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I equip Ambitious Christian Female Entrepreneurs to create prosperous lives, serve multitudes of grateful clients and create a massive legacy that reflects God's goodness, all by partnering with the Word of God and shifting their money beliefs.

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I equip Ambitious Christian Female Entrepreneurs to create prosperous lives, serve multitudes of grateful clients and create a massive legacy that reflects God’s goodness, all by partnering with the Word of God and shifting their money beliefs. 

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