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2 Ways To Build Your Business Quickly Even If You Struggle With Social Media

Here are two ways to build your business quickly even if you struggle on social media.

Having a solid social media strategy and consistent presence online to build your own audience IS important, but it needs to be a part of the long-term marketing plan.

The goal of building your business is to get your offer in front of more people so you can serve more clients and bring home the revenue you desire. 

What if I told you there are a couple of faster ways to build your business even if you struggle with social media as I have?

Two Ways To Build Your Business Fast

Those two ways are speaking in front of other people’s audiences and partnering with someone in a collaborative venture. 

While I’ve had a presence on social media for a long time, I haven’t always been consistent nor had a great strategy that I can easily implement that really impacts my business. 

The amount of time it takes me to come up with captions, script my reels, edit videos, create graphics, and then schedule on all the platforms is ridiculous. All of this wears me out and I don’t always get to focus on Social Media, even though I know it’s important. 

This is why I mentioned in the 4 Biggest Mistakes That Christian Female Entrepreneurs Make video, that I am hiring a dedicated social media manager to help me be consistent with a solid strategy. 

Speaking On Stages

When I first saw how powerful guest speaking at an event was 5 years ago. I had agreed to speak at the Work At Home School. My interview was recorded ahead of time and I didn’t really think much about it. 

The day the interview went live I came out of a funeral to see hundreds of notifications of people joining my email list and getting an ebook. 

I wasn’t expecting 1300 people to take advantage of the offer and had put a limit of 100. It was a mad scramble to fix that and get the ebook to everyone else. 

Since it was my first time and I had no idea what I was doing, I learned a couple of things. 

  1. Have a free resource to give away
  2. Make sure your automated emails are all set up 
  3. Use these automated emails to guide the new subscribers into serving them with a product or service – have an offer for them to work with you further. 

Since that day, I’ve invested lots of time and money into improving my speaking and using speaking to get in front of more people. 

Stage to Scale from Advance Your Reach

One program, Stage to Scale from Advance Your Reach has been instrumental in helping me create a signature talk and become a more powerful communicator with their 4 part framework designed to connect with the audience and inspire the audience to take action. 

Most of my customers have come from hearing me speak or being referred by someone who heard me speak. 

Another reason I like Stage to Scale is that they have a very effective process to research and win stages. 

As a result of this process, I’ve had the honor of speaking at close to 80 podcasts, online summits, and conferences to name a few. 

Now I have people reaching out to me and asking me to speak at their event! 

By the way, if you’re interested, Stage to Scale is running an intensive this week. I can’t recommend them highly enough. 

Collaboration Or Joint Venture

This goes along with speaking, where you are partnering with someone who already has an audience. 

There are two effective ways to do this, you host the challenge, course, and workshop and invite the experts to come to teach. 

In exchange, you would ask them to share the event with their audience and usually share 50% of the profits with them. 

I’ve hosted my own challenges with guest experts that have increased the number of my email subscribers and sales very quickly. 

The second option is for you to network with those who already serve your ideal clients and offer to teach a workshop for them that brings incredible value. 

Since the goal is building up your business with people who are interested in working with you further, my recommendation is to set up all the workshop registration so that you can collect the emails of the attendees. 

When you do all the work to set up the workshop and give the host some emails or social posts that they can share with their audience, this makes it super easy for the host. 

At the end of the workshop, you will make an offer. Again you need to share 30-50% of the sales with the host since they were so gracious to have you bring value to their audience. 

You can also be paid to speak as a guest expert in other people’s programs. 

Great Options To Help You Build Your Own Email List And Business

Both speaking on other people’s stages and collaborating with others who have already built an audience definitely does take some work on your part.  

You need to make sure everything is set up behind the scenes so you can serve those who are interested in working with you further. 

But these are GREAT options to help you build your own email list and business much quicker than just relying on social media. 

  Especially because now you have the endorsement and credibility from someone that they already know, like, and trust. 

 Tell me down below if you’re going to try either speaking on stage or collaborating with others in order to build your business without social media. 

Are you going to focus on Speaking or Collaborating or Both? 

Investment Into Marketing

I do want to address one thing. So many women I work with have such a huge vision to impact multitudes, yet don’t have a solid marketing strategy both for the short and long term.

They aren’t willing to make the investment into marketing, with either time, money, or effort.   

A lot of it has to do with not being comfortable with marketing.

They struggle with putting themselves out there and talking about their services or products, mainly because of imposter syndrome, or the belief you can’t charge for helping others, and definitely not wanting to be sales. 

There also might be a fear of becoming too successful or a fear of rejection. 

These are all topics I cover in my Becoming a Legacy Builder program and provide Scripture-based strategies to get past these beliefs. 

There’s even one module that is titled Marketing: An Answer to Prayer which is a student favorite! 

You can implement these two strategies to quickly grow your business by getting in front of other people’s audiences or using any other marketing strategy. They’re all good. 

But if you don’t address the root of these beliefs with Scripture, you’ll continue to struggle with marketing your business. 

Marketing in a Nutshell

One thing that stood out to me this past Easter, is that when the women and disciples encountered the risen Jesus, they were overflowing with joy and couldn’t wait to tell everyone that Jesus was alive! They had boldness and confidence

This is marketing in a nutshell.

For most of us, Jesus has enabled us to solve a problem or overcome a difficult situation in our life and now you want others to experience the same transformation which is why you created your business.  

That’s exactly why I’ve created this Biblical money mindset coaching! 

When you can apply a Scripture principle like this to your marketing, it transforms how you approach marketing and shifts your beliefs that have been tripping you up. 

Now you can be bold, joyful, and confident about telling everyone about your business! 

That’s the power of Scripture applied to your beliefs about marketing. 

Use Social Media To Grow Your Business

Now, if you are wanting to use social media to grow your business, reels and short-form videos are a great way to get in front of more people quickly. 

I’ve found On Video to be super helpful in providing short-form video ideas, caption templates, and even pairing the video idea with trending music, which is good because I’m not much of a music person besides my Biblical Mindset Power playlist I share with my Becoming a Legacy Builder Students. 

Each week I get 5 new video ideas emailed to me making it a lot easier to be consistent on social media. 

My Game Plan

I have realized in the last few months that my primary marketing strategy needs to get in front of other people’s audiences by either speaking or collaborating. 

I’ve still been putting most of my focus on social media and my Youtube channel

Don’t worry, I’m still going to keep sharing videos every week because this is my long-term marketing strategy. 

However, I’m on a mission to serve 100,000 women in the next 10 years and I need to get in front of as many Christian Female Entrepreneurs as quickly as possible. 

Personally, I’m going to double down on these things 

  1. Using my outreach strategy to reach out and offer to provide value by being a guest on more podcasts and other events geared toward female business owners. When I get invited to speak on these stages, I am going to offer to teach a workshop for their audiences to provide additional value and pay the hosts a commission. 
  2. Connecting with other experts who also serve Ambitious Christian Female entrepreneurs and invite them to collaborate in teaching a course or being a part of a challenge with me, and pulling that together. 
  3. YouTube and Social Media will be what I play around with and continually improve but with the understanding that these are both long-term strategies. 

Being able to build your business quickly by getting in front of other people’s audiences is a great marketing strategy.  

If you do this, you will experience rapid growth in your business and the impact you will have on your clients, but if you don’t also have the other 4 essential pillars in your business then you won’t be able to handle the growth. 

Watch this video to see the other 4 essential pillars every business owner needs to be really strong at if you want to have a successful, prosperous, and highly impactful business. 

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Charissa Quade

I equip Ambitious Christian Female Entrepreneurs to create prosperous lives, serve multitudes of grateful clients and create a massive legacy that reflects God's goodness, all by partnering with the Word of God and shifting their money beliefs.

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I equip Ambitious Christian Female Entrepreneurs to create prosperous lives, serve multitudes of grateful clients and create a massive legacy that reflects God’s goodness, all by partnering with the Word of God and shifting their money beliefs. 

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