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Money = Faith

I know this might be controversial, but you can’t have or use money without faith. 

In this video, I’m going to show you how money requires faith and money is spiritual in nature, which is why we need to know and practice Biblical money principles in our lives and businesses! 

You’re going to be blown away by the additional definitions for the word faith we never hear about and will never look at money the same again!

Using Money requires Faith

When you hand over pieces of paper money to purchase something, faith is required. 

You need faith that the money is worth something and valuable enough to purchase what you want to buy. 

Or even more now when you swipe your card and purchase something electronically, that there is money inside your account. 

You need faith to receive money as a Business owner

The business owner has to have faith that the money you hand over is a fair estimation of worth for the exchange of her services/products. 

She also needs faith that she can take the money she earns and buys what she needs for her business or family. 

In fact, you, as well as every business owner, must have a great deal of faith to start a business. 

Taking an idea and creating a service or product out of nothing. 

We need faith to begin offering our services. 

Faith that others will find our services valuable enough to pay for.  

Faith to believe money is spiritual

We need faith to believe that God created money and called it good as found in Gen 2.

Trusting and believing in Jesus’ total redemption, where redemption is a financial term meaning to write a check and pay off someone’s debts completely, for every area of your life, including your money story. Col 2:14

Faith to believe “you have been given the power to create wealth that He might confirm His covenant with you” Deut 8:18

As well as faith to believe all the other 2,000++ verses that talk about money. 

We require faith to believe that it’s possible to earn money by serving others so we can pay our expenses and shift our family’s financial future…

Make an impact on our community, and create a legacy of generosity… 

and all this all reflects God’s goodness to those watching. 

Definition of the word fAITH

The Hebrew word for faith is Emunah

The meaning of this word also includes belief, faithfulness, and even… wait for it, businessman. 

It’s the same word that we derive Amen from, which shows dependance on God and expectation that God will bring our requests about.  

Faithfulness and businessman imply acts of faith, works of obedience in partnership with God to carry out the promises He has made. 

If that definition for faith blew your mind like it did mine when I first heard it, comment below!


Put it into practice

Let’s bring it in with a practical example.

If you have an IDEA for a new business, but you don’t do any work on it… 

to develop your services, market and sell to/serve those who need it, 

which are all acts of faith. 

This “business” is not a business and you already know that right? 

However when you don’t include Biblical money principles and the spiritual nature of money in business…

  • You aren’t able to serve + impact as many people as you’re called to 
  • You won’t experience the generational breakthroughs for yourself and your family
  • You aren’t able to have the confidence, passion and purpose in your business you desire

You already have beliefs about your worth, money and business 

these things you’ve held to be true for your whole life. 

Maybe they are beliefs you’ve grown up believing because you didn’t know any better when trusted people or even the church told you what to believe. 

But are these beliefs bringing life, peace and fruitfulness to your life? To your money? To your business?

Do these beliefs line up with the Word of God and include the Spiritual aspect of God’s design for money + business? 

Are these beliefs allowing you to have passion, purpose and confidence in your business so you can impact as many people as you know you’re called to impact?


That’s easy to fix.

First because of the living active Word of God and the power of His Spirit at work within our minds. 

Second on our part, to shift our beliefs, it requires faith in Jesus’ finished work and in every Word He’s spoken in the Bible, so we can access by faith, what He has already given us. 

Shifting our beliefs, or transforming our minds, takes faithful action on our part as well. 

Luke 19 talks about being faithful in managing small amounts of money will open up the door to be in charge of more so that we can do more good with it and continue to shine a light on God’s generosity and goodness for all to see! 

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They’ve heard 1 or more of these messages from parents, trusted others and /or the church for most of their lives…

Wrestling with knowing God has called them to business yet struggling with these things they’ve grown up believing even though in their heart they desperately want to believe it’s ok to prosper in business. 

As I show them how to apply the simple framework to shift their money beliefs AND what the Bible says about money, wealth and business…

What I know about you

What I already know about you is that you’ve been chosen and called by name to be in business by God Himself. 

  • He has placed within you a desire to make an incredible impact on multitudes of people. 
  • You desire to love and honor God with your business, your relationship with money and your entire life. 
  • And you have such a generous heart! 

It’s obvious you’ve been taking massive action in stepping out in faith to build your business to the level it’s at now! 

You’ve worked through beliefs that have hindered you and you’ve gotten layers of victory over the years! 

My prayer for you is 

May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing, so that by the power of the Holy Spirit you may abound in hope. Romans 15:13

ESPECIALLY in the area of your money and business because your legacy matters. 

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Charissa Quade

I equip Ambitious Christian Female Entrepreneurs to create prosperous lives, serve multitudes of grateful clients and create a massive legacy that reflects God's goodness, all by partnering with the Word of God and shifting their money beliefs.

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I equip Ambitious Christian Female Entrepreneurs to create prosperous lives, serve multitudes of grateful clients and create a massive legacy that reflects God’s goodness, all by partnering with the Word of God and shifting their money beliefs. 

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