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Charissa Quade serves Christian Female Entrepreneurs who struggle with beliefs that making money is bad, wealth is evil, and sales are slimy. 


She believes Christian Women are meant to create prosperous lives by partnering with the Word of God to serve clients and create a massive legacy that reflects God’s goodness. 

Charissa’s speaking has been described as: inspiring, relatable, and value packed. Her work has been featured on  multiple podcasts and online summits. 


Shift Your Money Story as an Entrepreneur Without Making Money an Idol

The ability of a business to prosper is directly connected to the entrepreneur’s beliefs about money. This session is all about how Christian female entrepreneurs can quickly shift their money fears, shame, and guilt into confidence. Charissa shares proven Biblical strategies and solutions entrepreneurs can immediately implement into their mindsets in order to prosper abundantly in business, serve multitudes of grateful clients, and create a massive legacy that reflects God’s goodness. And listen in as she discusses the 3 key ways to shift money beliefs to line up with the Word of God. Plus, get a little taste as to how simple and effective this type of programming is. Let’s all make simple 3% shifts towards a legacy of generosity.

Praise for Charissa's Speaking