Join us for the Multiply your Legacy Ribbon Cutting Celebration!

The Multiply Your Legacy Community is Launching With a Ribbon Cutting celebration on Tuesday, Sept 27th at 11a PST! 

Ribbon Cutting Celebration is in...


What If You Could Be A Part Of A Community Of Ambitious Christian Female Entrepreneurs Who Are

Partnering With God To Make The World A Better Place Through Business

God has called you to serve multitudes and the services/products you provide will improve the lives of your clients.

Committed To Having a Money Mindset Based in Scripture

You know the power of incorporating the Word of God into all aspects of your business, especially your money mindset.

Cultivating A Massive Legacy That Reflects God's Goodness

You have a huge, God-given, desire to create a legacy of generosity and above all you want God to be glorified!

Ribbon Cutting Celebration

Multiply Your Legacy is a community of Ambitious Christian Female Entrepreneurs who are called to serve powerfully in the marketplace and are driven to create a massive legacy that reflects God’s goodness in a dark world.

During this Ribbon Cutting Ceremony we will…


Tuesday Sept 27, 2022 at 11a PST

Your legacy matters

Our Mission Is To Gather a community of 100,000 Ambitious Christian Female Entrepreneurs who collectively Serve 1 Billion People And Generate $10 Billion In Legacy Generosity   By December 31st, 2032

Our heart is to see women, just like you, develop your single greatest asset in your business, a Biblical Money Mindset

So you can finally break free from those limiting money beliefs that have held you captive for decades. 

Then you can double sales yearly until you are able to serve all the multitudes you’re called to and create the massive legacy that reflects God’s goodness.

Since 2015, we have directly empowered over 2,230 women, getting to the roots of their money stories and using the Word of God to shift these beliefs.  


oh, here there,

I'm Charissa

I totally understand what it feels like to worry if it’s ok to make a lot of money as a Christian and question paralyzed by the fear of making money into an idol. 

After over 18 years of being an entrepreneur, a decade + of studying the Bible topics of money and business, I’ve created a powerful framework to equip Ambitious Christian Female Entrepreneurs  to get past the beliefs that making money is bad, wealth is evil and sales are slimy.  

Through developing a Biblical Money Mindset, women will discover God’s key to money

A key that will unlock all those chains of fear + doubt in their mind and open the door to creating a massive legacy which reflects God’s goodness + generosity

When you make peace with money it frees you up so you can truly partner with God to make the world a better place. through their business… an impact that transform the lives of your clients, your family and your community for generations to come


Tuesday Sept 27, 2022 at 11a PST

“Until working with Charissa Quade, I had NO idea that my business money mindset was off. Or that I needed help with it. I realized today that since working with Charissa and allowing God’s word to transform my business mindset, my confidence has been boosted exponentially!!”


“I feel more grounded now. I feel more peace, joy and confidence. For me, money used to have so much emotional baggage attached to it and Charissa helped me cut through all the crazy emotions and think more level-headed.”


“I NEEDED to break the generational money mindsets I was passing down to my son. I NEEDED to learn to receive God’s generosity. This program is some of the best money I’ve ever spent!”