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The Money Mindset Assessment Call is a 45 minute call and I’ll walk you step by step through a process to uncover hidden money beliefs that are keeping you stuck around money + in business, what you want, 

and start to game plan exactly what you need to do to get the powerful money mindset breakthrough you’ve been praying for. 

During this Money Mindset Assessment call, we’ll experience the presence of our Creator and the power of His Word, to help you receive the exact powerful money mindset breakthrough strategy you need

When you are sitting with me on this Money Mindset Assessment Call, you will experience the relief of a safe judgment free space and leave with your spirit encouraged.

What this means is, at the end of our Assessment call instead of your mind consumed by a burden of all these money fears, shame and guilt, not having any idea on where to start to get past them

When we’re done, your mind will be at peace, you’ll feel empowered, and you’ll have clarity on exactly what you need to do next to give up those old money stories and step into something new where you feel the flow of God’s blessing for you and with money.

Normally $300… but I want to give it to you as my gift. 


I’m giving the Money Mindset Assessment Call for free because I’m so passionate about showing Christian women, like you,

how to make simple 3% shifts in their money beliefs so they can prosper abundantly and finally break free from those limiting money beliefs that have held you captive for decades.

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