Join Charissa Quade at the Best You Expo!

Join us at the best personal and professional development expo in Los Angeles on March 3-5, 2023! You can come in person or watch online from anywhere in the world! 

Charissa will be presenting:

  • Shift Your Money Story As An Entrepreneur Without Money Becoming an Idol on March 3rd – 1:30p on the Empowering Women Stage
  • Discover God’s Key To Money: 3 Biblical Principles That Will Transform Your Money Mindset As An Entrepreneur on March 3rd – 1:30p on the Empowering Women Stage

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4 Day Live Workshop Sept 11-14 2023

What if you could Leverage Biblical Truth To Overcome Money Blocks in Your Business?

Join us for the Pillars of Plenty: 4 Steps To Build a Flourishing Business On Biblical Principles For Massive Impact And Generosity

Tap into the POWER OF SCRIPTURE to overcome money blocks and translate Biblical truth into FLOURISHING BUSINESS SUCCESS that creates a LEGACY OF IMPACT AND GENEROSITY!

It will be a GAME-CHANGER for your business!