Our Favorite Tools

We’ve put together a very specific list of the tools and resources we use and highly recommend in our business.  This isn’t a list of every possible resource out there.  WE have tried, tested and believe in these products.

This list includes affiliate links. This means that we may receive a small percentage should you decide to make a purchase, at no additional expense to you! 

We hope you enjoy them as much as we do!

Faith-Fueled Abundance: Elevate Your Money Mindset in Business with 13 Powerful Bible Verses

Experience a revolutionary shift in your relationship with money and business.as you immerse yourself in the wisdom of 13 life-changing Bible verses, specially chosen to accelerate your business growth by making peace with money and sales.

Cultivate a resilient money mindset rooted in faith and unlock the way for a prosperous and fulfilling business built on Biblical principles. 

Embrace a profitable faith that aligns your values with success, so you can use your business to create a massive legacy of impact and generosity.

Tools and Resources We Love


Funnel Breezy is your all-in-one tech solution designed to turn chaos into calm.

We Help Business Owners Thrive With Our All-In-One Website + Funnel Builder. 

Simplify your workflows, skyrocket your conversions, and reclaim your time so you can focus on what you do best: empowering others and growing your business. Comes with amazing support!


It’s time to say STOP to the roller-coaster ride of inconsistent cash flow. Discover Six Simple Steps to Massively Accelerate Referrals… even without being yucky or hassling your past clients!

It comes down to three core strategies and one fundamental reason.

Hosts Tom Matzen and Simon Hedley, serial entrepreneurs from Vancouver and London, will help you discover the “Ultimate Way To Accelerate Word Of Mouth Referrals.”

They want to help you double your sales in six months without spending another dime on ads… even if you’ve been burned before, at the brand-new… Raving Fans For Life Workshop!!

PLUS, you can help those in need right now at the same time.


Here at GPA, you can get paid to grow! We are passionate about empowering women just like you to live a life of freedom and impact. Whether you’re a mom, wife, small business owner, professional, or in ministry, growth is essential. 

When you realize personal and professional development is the key to unlocking the life of your dreams… Girl Power Alliance is the leading community for personal and professional growth, with an added benefit of earning an income. 

Sign up as a Girl Power Ambassador and get paid for sharing a done-for-you personal and professional development membership that helps other women grow with Christ-centered resources


Learn to make precise, profitable, and even premium offers through a proven offer process that has been used by Myron Golden and his students to do over one hundred million dollars in sales, one Golden Offer at a time.

Improve your skills drastically through in-depth training sessions, projects, Q & A, and feedback sessions. It is your world-class offer curriculum being presented as an opportunity to level you up.

Join this comprehensive, yet simple to understand 5-day training designed to help you understand offers so well that your prospects will thank you for making the offer!


Special offer: Take 50% off your first month!

On Video is a membership for businesses that provides a
weekly content drop of short-form video ideas and caption templates – so that your views turn into leads and sales–without dancing, scrolling for hours, or getting burned out from content creation.


Perfect for marketers, solopreneurs, agencies, and business owners of any niche that sells coaching services or products.


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A single tool for all social media tasks: for everyone, whatever your skills, knowledge, and resources.

More than one million professionals, agencies, and brands use Metricool as their one-stop shop for social media and online ad management.

With Metricool’s Free plan, you can connect 1 brand associated with a profile for each social network, plan your content, publish content automatically, manage messages from your networks, and more.

Community and Personal Development

The Premier Global Community for Christ-Centered resources for your personal and professional development. We are obsessed with helping women just like you grow.   We will help you 10x your income, 10x your impact, and 10x your faith. 

As a member you will have access to 100+ self-paced modules that will pour into you, that will help you become all that God created you to be. We don’t just do things out of the traditional box, we are breaking the box so you can design a life that is aligned with your beliefs and your dreams. 

There is also a way to generate income by sharing these resources. 


Here's How Easy It Is To Tap Into The Power Of Scripture To Transform Money Blocks Into Flourishing Business Success + Legacy Of Impact And Generosity


Choose the Scripture-Based Money Mindset Coaching or Program that most suits your needs. 


You can sign up for any of our services right on our website. You shouldn’t have to struggle alone a day longer.


Finally, feel the flow of God’s blessing for you and with money, as you transition from doubt and fear around money,  to confidently building a flourishing business and legacy of impact and generosity. 

Faith-Fueled Abundance: Elevate Your Money Mindset in Business with 13 Powerful Bible Verses