Your legacy matters

Our Mission Is To Gather a community of 100,000 Ambitious Christian Female Entrepreneurs who collectively Serve 1 Billion People And Generate $10 Billion In Legacy Generosity   By December 31st, 2032

Our heart is to see women, just like you, develop your single greatest asset in your business, a Biblical Money Mindset

So you can finally break free from those limiting money beliefs that have held you captive for decades. 

Then you can double sales yearly until you are able to serve all the multitudes you’re called to and create the massive legacy that reflects God’s goodness.

Since 2015, we have directly empowered over 2,230 women, getting to the roots of their money stories and using the Word of God to shift these beliefs.  


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If you’d like to be a part of this incredible God-sized mission and join us in creating a massive legacy that reflects God’s goodness through the impact you make in your business, but know you need to get past your own money blocks first…

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