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13 Bible Verses To Transform Your Money Story

The ability to apply Biblical principles and prosper is directly connected to your beliefs about money; aligning them with Scripture IS the KEY to completely transforming your money story!

Here are 13 Bible Verses on a handy PDF that will transform your money story, just like they did for me!

What if you could Know...

What the Bible REALLY Says About Money, Wealth And Business?

Many Bible verses about money have been misquoted and used to keep women especially, paralyzed by fear and shame. Not any more!
You'll have the tools to shift your money beliefs and prosper.

How To Have GREATER Confidence In Your Business + Sales?

Many Christian Female Entrepreneurs struggle with a lack of confidence in some area of business... these Bible verses will give you more confidence in selling in your business!

It's OK To Making An Abundant Amount Of Money In Your Business?

You have an incredible passion in your heart to impact multitudes of lives and long to be extremely generous... what if God has given you this desire to reflect His Goodness?

Here's what you'll learn:

Can you imagine discovering God’s key to money? To unlock all those chains of fear + doubt in your mind and open the door to creating a massive legacy that God has created for you to leave? 

When you make peace with money it frees you up so you can truly partner with God to make the world a better place. 

You’ll have an incredible impact on your clients, your family, and your community for generations to come, and it all starts with these 13 Bible Verses To Transform Your Money Story! 

oh, here there,

I'm Charissa

I totally understand what it feels like to worry if it’s ok to make a lot of money as a Christian, question paralyzed by the fear of making money into an idol. 

After over 18 years of being an entrepreneur, a decade + of studying the Bible topics of money and business, I’ve created a powerful framework to equip Ambitious Christian Female Entrepreneurs  to get past the beliefs that making money is bad, wealth is evil and sales are slimy. 


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Your money Story Now!

“Until working with Charissa Quade, I had NO idea that my business money mindset was off. Or that I needed help with it. I realized today that since working with Charissa and allowing God’s word to transform my business mindset, my confidence has been boosted exponentially!!”


“I feel more grounded now. I feel more peace, joy and confidence. For me, money used to have so much emotional baggage attached to it and Charissa helped me cut through all the crazy emotions and think more level-headed.”


“I NEEDED to break the generational money mindsets I was passing down to my son. I NEEDED to learn to receive God’s generosity. This program is some of the best money I’ve ever spent!”


Get 13 Bible Verses to Transform Your Money Story Now!

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