2 Ways To Build Your Business Quickly Even If You Struggle With Social Media

Here are two ways to build your business quickly even if you struggle on social media. Having a solid social media strategy and consistent presence online to build your own audience IS important, but it needs to be a part of the long-term marketing plan. The goal of building your business is to get your […]

4 Biggest business mistakes Christian Female Entrepreneurs make costing thousands

If you want a profitable and impactful business that allows you to create a massive legacy, you need to stop the scrappy DIY mentality, putting off making peace with money, being cheap with your marketing and constantly selling something new.

These 4 mistakes are costing you thousands and are stifling your impact!

If you want a profitable and impactful business that allows you to create a massive legacy that reflects God’s goodness, you do not need to do everything on your own and hope something finally works!

The 3% Money Shift Framework You Need As An Entrepreneur- Works Fast!

Following a simple framework to shift your issues with money can ensure increased confidence in what you offer to clients and being able to serve others without “needing the money”.

In this video I show you the 3% Money Shift Framework, I used to teach Dr. Brooke to shift her struggles with money into complete confidence in the value of her services.

There’s also a couple important steps she took to get the breakthroughs in her money mindset even when she had previously invested in other mindset coaching and nothing had worked.

How To Find The Time To Reset Your Mindset

Does the thought of finding time to shift your money mindset make you feel overwhelmed?  You want to do it but how on earth do you fit it into your busy schedule? I’m going to teach you 3 strategies on how to easily find the time to shift your money mindset quickly by the end […]

8 Lessons To Build a Business that Continues for DECADES

You’re not someone who wants to put a ton of work into your business and have it all be in vain, right?

Let me jump right in and share some lessons I’ve learned that will help your business succeed for decades.

Seated across from my mentor in a tiny office with a big window and books everywhere, I asked ‘what’s your best advice for business? ‘Save for taxes’ she replied.

3 lies about Money

If you happen to believe any of these money lies, don’t worry, we’ve all had money lies we’ve grown up believing + it’s not your fault BUT after you watch this video just make sure you don’t continue to believe them any longer if you want to get unstuck in business!

In this video, I’ll be uncovering three common money lies that you might be believing and not even realize it.

We’ll bring in some Bible verses that can help you quickly shift your money belief by just 3%. These simple shifts will help you show up more confidently in your business.